Basic Upgrade Instructions

1. Make a backup copy of your database.
2. Backup any files that you've made changes to. (Themes, images in themes, etc...)
3. Backup config.php (It has access info for your database and your script license)
4. Backup your images folder.
5. Upload the new archive to the server, extract the files with "overwrite existing files" turned on.
6. Overwrite the new file images/logo.jpg by your old logo.jpg (your old site logo)
7. *Set chmod 666 to config.php (if applicable)
8. Go to the http://yourdomain/install/ directory via your web browser and follow the steps to begin the Upgrade process. ()
9. Check the functionality and the configuration of the new version.
10. *If everything is ok, then set chmod 644 to your config.php (if applicable)
11. Don't forget to update all the .htaccess files by the new ones.
*Steps 7 and 10 are not always necessary( see if they apply to your situation)
The backups that you create are there so just incase something goes wrong during the upgrade process to prevent
you from losing all of your data.

If upgrade process wasn't finished successfully, contact us with conflict details.

Upgrade Instructions

Warning: Please be sure you already have got License Key and all your
sites you want to upgrade are on same IP. Or your sites will not work
after the upgrade. (See License Information above.)

Warning: NOTE: Don't forget to make backup of your database (using a tool
such as phpMyAdmin ) and old files.

1. Download the Affiliate Niche Script ZIP file and get your License Key
(like “ANSOwned-12345678” ) from the Client Area of our billing system:
http://secure.scriptoffice.com/ (My Licenses & Downloads section)

Note: Only paid members have permissions to download the file and get License
number. If you are paid member, but don't have password to the Client Area,
then please use “Request a Password Reset” link to find your password, or
contact our support.

2. Extract all files from the zip archive to a temporary location on your

3. Upload all the files to your web server using Binary mode by your FTP client.

5. Browse to http://www.your-domain.com/install/ and click to upgrade link.
You should see the upgrade results page.

6. Once the updates complete, delete the /install/ folder from your server.

All should work fine now !

Also available in: PDF HTML TXT