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Our easy-to-use & SEO friendly classifieds script allows you to create your own classified
ads website. Start your own online business. Whether you are running classifieds for autos, motorcycles,
bicycles, rv’s, guns, horses, or general merchandise, this product is the right package for you. Make
money from a listing fee or let sellers do it for free. Earn money from Advertisement - (Google AdSense, Affiliate Programs etc.)


This software includes an End User License Agreement. Please read it carefully.


  • SEO friedly software
  • Allow buyers and sellers to communicate directly
  • List each item with image, description, pricing, etc
  • Multi-City features. One script allows you to include different: cities, states, countries, etc
  • Charge a listing fee or let sellers do it for free
  • Convinient broadcasting of your your ads via RSS
  • Set the listings to require approval or set it to auto-approve
  • You can have a map on the site for each listing
  • You can change the design for your site with a single click (6 additional designs included)

You can read about all the features here

Current Release

- Improved: Admin can now sort ads by State/Region in the admin panel
- Improved: Extra Fields now include URLs as an option
- Improved: Ad sorting - cities in a state now display in a scrolling list
- Improved: Ad sorting - in Browse Ads section ads on the screen display on a map
- Improved: Admin panel inbox now displays the message sender
- Fixed: A bug has been fixed in theme Joy where Featured ads would resolve in a 404 error
- Fixed: When user changes main photo for the ad it's now changed everywhere
- Fixed: Ads with symbols now work correctly

  • Read the complete list of revisions here.


You can find a detailed installation guide here.

Online Demo

You can try the script out online on the following link
Front End Demo and Admin Panel Demo are available for testing. Also you can see many customization options that are available for this particular script here.



Customers login here - or you can contact customer support

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